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The following family tree follows the male side of my family tree as far back as 1805. The information was originally researched by my father, Rev. Thomas Chivers in 1970, and was further enhanced with help from my aunt, Elizabeth Chivers and Anthea de Carvalho.

JOHN CHIVERS (1805-1843)

John Chivers was born in 1805, married Sarah Gibbs (b. 1812) in around 1830. John was killed in a horse and cart accident on October 22nd, 1843, at the age of 38 years, just prior to the birth of their 7th child, Emma. Emma was born 5 days after her father's death. John lived in Tonbridge and was a labourer. More information.

His children are as follows:

  • SARAH (1831)
    Sarah remarried in 1849 (to Isaac Wendlock Barlow).
  • THOMAS See below
  • ELLEN (1833)
    Baptised January 1834.
  • JOHN & JANE (1836)
    Baptised February 1837. John married Harriett Botton on 22nd March, 1858. Their first child was Ellen (baptised 26/09/1858).
  • ELIZABETH (1839)
    Baptised April 1839.
  • ALICIA (1841)
    Baptised September 1841.
  • EMMA (1843)
    Baptised October 1843.

THOMAS CHIVERS (1831-1902)

Baptised January 1832. Thomas married Lydia Botting (b 1832, Tonbridge, Kent; d 8.3.1902, Tonbridge, Kent). (1901 census: Born: Tonbridge, Kent; Address: Shipbourne Rd; Occupation: painter; Parish: Tonbridge Urban; Ecclesiastical parish: Tonbridge St Peter & St Paul). Occupation: plumber and painter.

His children are as follows:

  • LYDIA (1854)
    Baptised February 1854. Married Frank Askew in 1876, who became Mayor of Hull.
  • MARY JANE (1855)
    Baptised April 1855.
  • JOHN (1856-1944)
    (b 21.11.1856, Tonbridge, Kent); married Elizabeth (b 1859, Rye, Sussex) See below.
  • THOMAS (1856)
    (b 21.11.1856, Tonbridge, Kent; Occupation: painter) was deserted by his wife, who left him with one son.
  • ELLEN (1858)
    Baptised January 1858. Lived only 5 days.
  • ALICE (1859)
    Baptised December 1859.
  • HENRY (1860)
  • GEORGE (1862)
    Baptised August 1862. Had a restaurant in Elmers End. Married twice. One daughter, Lydia from first marriage and a daughter and son, Gladys and Frank from second marriage to Alice.
  • EDWARD (1865)
    married Fanny. He was a soldier and had two sons, George in the in the navy and Patrick in the army, as well as a daughter Daisy, and other children. Patrick lived in Woolwich.
  • FREDERICK (1864)
    was a blacksmith by trade.
  • CHARLES (1867)
    married Annie and had a large family, including Lilian and Horace, who lived at Tonbridge.
    (b 1872, Kent, Tonbridge; Occupation: domestic) married Mr Monk, a milkman. It was she who arranged her father's funeral in Tonbridge cemetery. There is no headstone.

John Chivers (1856-1945)JOHN CHIVERS (1856-1945)

John married Elizabeth (b 1859, Rye, Sussex; d 10.4.1945). (1901 census: Born: Tonbridge, Kent; Address:East Ferry Rd 21, Tower Hamlets, London; Occupation: Sail Machinist; Parish: Poplar; Ecclesiastical parish: St. John). More information.

His children are as follows:

  • JOHN (1881-1941)
    Died 2.12.1941. Married Alice Allwright and there were no children. Known as "Jack". (1901 census: Born: Rye, Sussex; Occupation: Lead Burner).
  • FREDERICK HENRY (1882-1959)
    See below.
  • BESSIE (1883)
    also known as Dot. married Harry Davison (died 1958).
    died of Scarlet Fever as a small child. Baptised at St Anne's, Limehouse.
    died of Scarlet Fever as a small child. Baptised at St Anne's, Limehouse.
    died of Scarlet Fever at about 3 years old. Baptised at St Anne's, Limehouse.
  • MAY
    Married Herbert Reginald Marritt (died 28.2.1948, aged 52), and there were five girls. Died in 1967.
    died of Scarlet Fever at about 7 months old. Baptised at St Anne's, Limehouse.
  • AMY
    married Harry Boswell and there were two girls and one boy.
  • LYDIA (1896)
    born in Poplar.

Frederick Chivers (1882-1959)FREDERICK HENRY CHIVERS (1882-1959)

Born 12.2.1882. Died 26.12.1959. Frederick married Louisa Allwright on 30th November, 1918. (1901 census: Born: Lymehouse London; Position at time of census: Resolution First Class Battleship, at Gibraltar; Occupation: Ord; Position on Vessel: Crew). More information.

His children are as follows:

  • THOMAS HARRY (1919-1994)
    See below.
  • ROBERT (1921-2009)
    Born 15.5.1921. Died 15.4.2009. Married Hester Eileen Hubbard and had four girls: Rosemary, Barbara, Shirley, and Kathleen.
  • ELIZABETH (1925-2011)
    Born 23.9.1925. Died 13.12.2011. Elizabeth was a nursing sister.
  • STANLEY (1927-2011)
    Born 1.5.1927. Died 29.6.2011. Emigrated to Australia in 1948 and had five children.

Thomas Chivers (1919-1994)THOMAS HARRY CHIVERS (1919-1994)

Born 24.10.1919. Died 9.7.1994. Married Sylvia Sharman (1934-1989) in 1955. They moved to West Yorkshire in the 1960s and their children are below. Thomas was vicar of Thwaites Brow during the 1960s and then vicar of Oxenhope from 3rd December 1970-1987. Thomas and Sylvia are buried in Oxenhope cemetery. More information.

His children are as follows:

  • PAUL THOMAS (1963)
    married Teresa Wetherall in 1987. They have three children and live in Shetland.
  • JOHN TIMOTHY (1971)
    See below.
  • PETER MICHAEL (1972)
    currently lives in Potsdam, Land Brandenburg, Germany with his fiancée, Susanne Scholle. They have a son and a daughter.


Born in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Grew up in Oxenhope, West Yorkshire. Married Emma Paddison in 1996. They have two daughters: Murron (23rd February, 1998) and Philippa (2nd October, 2001), and one son, Tristan (30th April, 2008). They live in Nuneaton, Warwickshire.

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