Thomas Harry Chivers (1919-1994)


Thomas Chivers Thomas Chivers


1919 (24th October) Born at 95, Gilmore Road, Lewisham, London.
1934 (April) - 1937 (July) Attended full-time course in Musical Instrument Technology and Principles of Radio at the Northern Polytechnic, Holloway, London, N.7.
1951 Attends Church Army training college in Maiden Erlegh, Reading, Berkshire
1955 (25th June) Marries Sylvia Sharman (Born 13th September 1934 at 65 Cowley Road, Brixton, London)
1960 Graduates from Clifton Theological College
1961 Ordained in Southwark
1960-1964 Curate of St Matthew's, Surbiton
1963 (31st December) Birth of first son, Paul.
1964 (13th April) Moves as curate from St. Matthew's, Surbiton to St. Barnabas', Keighley, West Yorkshire.
1970 (3rd December) Becomes vicar of St. Mary The Virgin, Oxenhope, West Yorkshire.
1971 (13th June) Birth of second son, John.
1972 (19th December) Birth of third son, Peter.
1987 (31st October) Retires and moves to Bradford.
1989 (23rd September) Tom's wife, Sylvia, dies of cancer at the age of 55.
1994 (9th July) Dies of cancer, aged 74.

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