Solo Music

Bizarrely, perhaps my biggest claim to fame in terms of solo work is a silly song I threw together and recorded in one take (following a rehearsal run-through) on the occasion of the non-Mayan apocalypse at the end of 2012. I am told it went viral on Shetland!

Sad to think that my biggest musical success to date was a silly song, played badly on an instrument I can't really play (it was the first time I'd picked up a ukulele properly and had a twang) and with lyrics I put together in around one hour.

Anyway, here it is in all its mad glory.

Otherwise, I've been trying for some time to work on a solo album, but am invariably too busy with family and band commitments to make progress on this.

In the process of working on ideas, I've completed a couple of ideas, which aren't in a finished format, but I'm happy to post on this site. They're both born out of experiments working with different instruments / sounds.

The Phoenix
(3.38 MB)
An instrumental I wrote using electric drums, electric guitar, synth bass, and keyboards, and some old drum machine samples.
My Massive Swelling Organ
(3.27 MB)
This came about from my desire to experiment with some church organ sounds. I have always loved the sound and sheer power of a church organ. The choir at the end is all produced from a Mellotron.


I have a collection of instruments of all shapes and sizes. My main instrument is the drum kit, but I also possess two Spanish guitars, a virtual analogue synthesiser, an electric guitar, acoustic guitar, electric bass guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, recorder, harmonica, flageolet, children's zither, and finally a passable (but not very expressive) singing voice.

To date, I have acquired a veritable plethora of musical instruments. Not that I can play many of them very well, you understand, but in the odd flurries of inspiration I have been known to strum the odd chord (usually it is a very odd chord).

Below is a selection of these poor, long-suffering instruments, in no particular order:

Drums and Percussion

Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute Drum Kit

Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute Drum Kit

Roland SPD-S Sampling

Roland SPD-S Sampling Drum Module

Not shown:

  • Yamaha Stage Custom Birch drum kit
  • Roland TD-5 Electric Drum Kit
  • Darabuka (Middle Eastern drum)
  • Bongos
  • Sundry other bits and things to shake, rattle, roll, or hit

Fretted Instruments

Yamaha RGX121S Electric Guitar Yamaha RBX374 Bass Guitar Encore ENC44 Acoustic Guitar
Yamaha RGX121S Electric Guitar Yamaha RBX374 Bass Guitar Encore ENC44 Acoustic Guitar

Reghin Bouzouki Encore Falcon Mandolin
Reghin Bouzouki Encore Falcon Mandolin

Not shown:

  • Kinder-Zither, children's zither (made in the former East Germany).
    Very nice sound. Will get round to using it on a recording one of these days.

To date I have used the RGX121S electric guitar, RBX374 bass guitar, and mandolin on actual recordings; the first two on my ever-expanding and incoherent solo project, and the mandolin on a few tracks by BAiT.

Keyboard Instruments

Yamaha AN1X Virtual Analogue Synthesiser
Roland PK-5 Midi trigger foot pedals Yamaha AN1X Virtual Analogue Synthesiser

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