IT Skills

Web Development

I have worked as a website developer since 1996 and have created several static and dynamic websites. These have included commercial and private websites. These sites have all been developed using HTML and javascript, in the case of static web pages, and ColdFusion and PHP, in the case of dynamic pages. My preferred development tool is Macromedia's Studio MX.

ColdFusion Web Application Development

Macromedia's ColdFusion is a server side scripting language. It provides the means of creating dynamic website content, such as news items and on-line shops. Such web-based dynamic sites and associated code are termed web applications and usually involve databases.

I have been employed as a professional developer of web applications using ColdFusion since 1999. Applications I have created in this capacity include (but are not limited to) the following:

PHP Web Application Development

Similar to ColdFusion, PHP is a server side scripting language and has similar features to ColdFusion, the significant difference being that PHP is free and ColdFusion provides for more rapid application development.

Applications I have created using PHP include the following:

Macromedia Flash

I have created numerous Macromedia Flash movies. Flash is a solution for creating highly visual interactive content (animations) and applications through the Web, offering a user experience beyond the limitations of HTML.

Help File Creation

My professional career has seen me develop and maintain Windows Help and HTML Help files. I have a good knowledge of the workings of Windows and HTML Help files and have developed these both from the base up, using RTF and HTML source files, and compiled the source into finished Help files.

Software Localisation

Software localisation is the process of preparing software for translation into foreign languages. This process is of fundamental importance at the design stage, and can, if overlooked, cause huge headaches to software development teams and cost a company dearly, both financially and in terms of a worldwide presence.

In my role as Language Support Manager, I was responsible for the translation of my company's software into sixteen different languages. I liaised with translators and assured completeness of translation.

Database Design and Operation

I have worked with databases on various platforms and have most recently been responsible for designing and creating database tables using the Windows-based Interbase software. My other development activities have required a good knowledge of SQL query language for writing to, querying and updating these tables.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

I have produced marketing materials, including product brochures, leaflets, news letters, adverts and exhibition display stands using one of the most popular professional DTP packages, Quark Xpress. I have in depth experience of this software on both the PC and Apple Mac platforms.

Other Programming Experience

Other professional programming roles have included mainframe development using COBOL, CICS and DB2. I have also several years of hobby programming using BASIC.


I have received official Microsoft training as part of the Microsoft Certified Professional program in setting up and maintaining a Windows NT network, both in a client/server and a peer-to-peer environment.

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