Thursday, 17 August, 2017: Nuneaton to Land's End


John Chivers' Zero DSR electric motorcycle arriving at Trevescan, near Land's End

At 09:00, James and I collected the hire van and loaded up the bike, then drove directly down to Cornwall, arriving at around 14:30. I had managed to book an overnight stay at Weavers B&B in Sennen, under a mile away from Land’s End and we headed straight there, unloaded the bike, then enjoyed a couple of cuppas in the sunshine and chatted with the owners of Weavers, Janet and Bob Harrison.

They had very kindly offered to let me charge the bike in the small, attached barn/bird-house, so even though the bike was fully charged on arrival, this meant I could venture out to explore a little with the rest of the afternoon, if I wanted to.

Once James headed back home, I settled in for a short time and, following advice from Janet about a large event taking place that evening at the Land’s End Visitor Centre and the fact that the official signpost would probably not be manned at my intended departure time, I phoned the visitor centre, which confirmed what Janet had said, so, with their blessing, decided it would be worth taking a short ride out on the bike, down to the Land’s End signpost for an official photo.

I duly headed down to the visitor centre, where the car park intendant gave me a special ticket and advised me to ride around down to the signpost and request a photo there. I parked up and was happy to chat to a couple of people who had questions about the bike.

A London bus driver who was also a biker showed a particular interest in the bike, albeit with the standard reservations and misconceptions about range, charge time, and battery life – some of which were valid and others which were based on widely-disseminated myths.


John Chivers and his Zero DSR electric motorcycle at Land's End.

When it came to my turn for the official photo, the signpost was changed accordingly, ostensibly to read ‘ELECTRIC MOTORBIKE, 18TH AUGUST’. The woman who took the photo had managed to squeeze the words ‘ELECTRIC MOTORBIKE’ onto the top line of the two available lines on the sign, but unfortunately her colleague decided it would be better if he truncated the word BIKE and moved it to the second line, with the upshot that the sign read ‘ELECTRIC MOTOR, 18TH AUGUST BIKE’. A minor niggle on my part, suffering as I do, from mild OCD, but I wasn’t going to make a fuss about it. Ultimately, I was happy to get the photo.

Having ticked off that task, I had the rest of the afternoon to kill, so I headed to Sennen Cove for a short time, before enjoying a first meal of the day with a healthy chippy tea at 190 Degrees West. I then headed back to the B&B, chatted with Janet and Bob some more and played fetch with the very playful Collie dog, before retiring to my room for the evening.

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