I have many people to thank their support on the trip, so roughly in chronological order:

James and Kate


Kate and James' Tesla with John on his Zero DSR electric motorcycle.

For their support, and for trying to balance James’ desire to come along on the trip with a matter of far more pressing importance! To James especially for nevertheless driving me and the bike down to Cornwall and collecting me from Forfar.

Streetbike, Halesowen

Special thanks to Streetbike, firstly for their faith in electric motorbikes and their insistence in supporting them through their early years, in the full knowledge that they are the future. Special thanks for initially offering James the use of the demo bike for the journey, even if he couldn’t take up the offer ultimately, and for liaising with Zero in the Netherlands and persuading them to lend me the Quiq chargers for the trip, without which it wouldn’t have been viable in the timeframe. Alex, Jason, and colleagues: you’re great!

Northlink Ferries

For sponsoring the three main ferry crossings between Scrabster and Stromness, Kirkwall and Lerwick, and Lerwick and Aberdeen.

Janet and Bob at Weavers B&B

For letting me charge and providing me with a pleasant first night’s stay.

Louise Thompson

For the great photos at Land's End.

Kay and John Bickley at Upcott House

For letting me charge, your hospitality, offering me drinks, interesting conversation and showing me around your impressive property.

Sidcot Arms, Winscombe

For the charge while I enjoyed a nice evening meal.

Fiona Bunting, Grove Farm B&B, Kimbolton


Alex Hogg of Streetbike, Halesowen with John Chivers (left), James Coates (right), and Streetbike's Zero SR demonstrator.

For the stable for the bike, overnight charge, and helping me out, despite my late arrival.

Chris Thompson

For accompanying on one leg of the trip and company at the following stop.

Neal Thacker and staff at The Partridge, Lower Stretton

For the charge, great porridge, and lovely surroundings.

Trev and Liz Crawford at the Duke of Cumberland, Kendal

For the charge and a very nice evening meal.

Paul Higgins, Carlisle

For the company while charging in Carlisle and proper introduction to infrared panel heaters.

John and Helen Damer, Holmlands B&B, Crawford

For staying up late to welcome me and for the overnight charge.

Graham and Nan Waugh, Fendoch Guest House, Crieff

For your friendly welcome, letting me charge, entertaining me, feeding and watering me, and offering me the use of a guest’s bathroom. A great pleasure to meet you!

Gareth Paschke, Cairn Hotel, Carrbridge

For the cheerful welcome, the use of your car port to charge the bike, a pleasant stay in your nice hotel in a lovely location, and for the proper porridge at breakfast.

The Sutherland Inn, Brora

For allowing me to charge, the great time I spent chatting with regulars Donnie and Billy. To Donnie for the generous contribution to the fundraising, and for a very pleasant early afternoon in a nice location.

Sandy and Ron Barton, Bencorragh House Bed & Breakfast, Upper Gills

For allowing me to charge overnight and a homely stay, accompanied by very friendly cats.

Jonathan Porterfield of Eco Cars, Orkney

For the welcome on Orkney, arranging the interview with BBC Radio Orkney, meeting up with the other folks you’d lined up to see, showing me around and the visit to Hammars Hill Wind Farm, the footage you filmed, the interview you gave, inviting me to the meeting in the afternoon, and generally making me feel welcomed, and of course… letting me charge the bike at your house.

Ross Gazey of Pure Energy Centre, Unst, Shetland


Ross Gazey of the Pure Energy Centre with John Chivers' Zero DSR electric motorcycle at the Pure Energy Centre, Unst, Shetland.

For taking the time out of your busy schedule to explain to me the work of Pure and talk about green technologies more generally, and of course for the “bottled Unst weather” from your wind turbines, which allowed me to ride to my brother’s house, south of Lerwick

Paul Chivers and Family, Shetland

Well, it would be rude not to thank my own brother and family for their usual hospitality in Shetland and for feeding me and the bike. Paul, for meeting up with me over your lunch hour and then showing me to BBC Radio Shetland.

Matt Spencer

For co-ordinating the ITN 5 News coverage, interviewing me, and genuine interest in following my journey.

Coventry and Warwickshire Advanced Motorcyclists

For their support; for helping me to constantly improve my riding and for fostering a healthy mentality of continuous improvement in members; for supporting me in my role as a trainer; and for not taking the mickey out of my electric bike… too much!

Emma and the kids

For their ongoing love and support and for putting up with a rather odd hubby/daddy.

People who've made donations

Thank you to everyone who has kindly donated in support of the fundraising efforts. Every penny is appreciated.


Finally, not one of the places I stopped and charged at asked for any money, even when offered. It wouldn’t have been a huge amount at any rate, but it was still a nice gesture. Thank you to all of you.